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pro seo 2012

Every two years, SEOboots reviews top Israeli SEO's on their opinions of the current trends in search engine and social media. This year contributors range from the US, UK, Norway and Israel of course.

Each participant was asked to answer specific questions about hot issues in SEO and the social media sphere. In this part of the document we bring the collective wisdom of 19 worldwide expert practitioners. The 19 Israeli experts' contributions are currently available only in Hebrew and you
can read it here.

The result is a resource of great value to everyone who practices SEO in 2012. Some of the topics we covered in this multi-expert interview include: Panda updates, mobile SEO search, analyzing the competition and ranking factors of 2012 and best practices in search engine optimization.

I would like to thank all the contributors listed below for their time & effort. If you wish to contact them, their LinkedIn details and websites are in the footer section of this document:

  • Will Critchlow, Distilled

  • Tom Critchlow, Distilled

  • Barry Schwartz, Rusty Brick/ SMX

  • Richard Baxter, SEO Gadget

  • Sam Crocker, OMD

  • Adam Melson, SEER Interactive

  • Shaun Anderson, Hobo-web

  • Dixon Jones, Majestic SEO

  • Jane Copland, Ayima

  • Kevin Gibbons, SEOptimise

  • Grant Whiteside, Amber Green

  • Neil Walker, SEO Mad

  • Hamlet Batista

  • Steve Lock, Analyticsseo

  • Paul Rogers, GPMD

  • Paddy Moogan, Distilled

  • Peter Handley, The Media Flow

  • Neil Pursey, Web Growth

  • Nickolass Jensen

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

We'd love to get your feedback via this email or feel free to contact me directly.

Omer Shvebel,
SEOboots Founder & CEO

Special thanks to: Steve Lock from our partner's office in the UK for helping us with gathering all the brilliant minds of SEO in this project. If you haven't done it so far, take my advice and check out Analyticsseo website for an awesome SEO campaign management system!

Contact directly with Pro SEO 2012 interview moderator:

Omer Shvebel, iSEO – LinkedIn    |    Facebook    |    Google PlusE-mail:
Mobile: +972-52-6681210
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