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Grant Whiteside, Amber Green

We avoid all spammy links, they only waste your time and money.

Think of Google with disdain, a relative that won’t go away but you have to be friends with. Think about how they want make billions and how this relates to you and your clients fortunes and act accordingly.

Hamlet Batista

For big clients, consolidating duplicate content brings significant results.

Jane Copland, Ayima

Check your 404s. You never know who tried to link to you and screwed it up. It sounds simple, but is rarely done often enough.

Neil Walker, SEO Mad

I don’t think there is one tip I can give other than planning, if you plan a campaign correctly starting at keyword research then we feel we never have an unsuccessful campaign in terms of driving traffic or R.O.I

Neil Pursey, Web Growth

Time and time again we see that getting the basic on-site structures and optimisation improves the rankings for new websites to SEO. Title tags and meta descriptions continuously show the quickest return on investment for a mature website. If you have a new website then focus on generating quality content.

Nickolass Jensen

Preparing well optimized webpages with content and inbound links related to business specific events and tradefairs months before the actual event. Launching this before the event program has been published is better. This works especially if you want to target business to business targets. Combining this with eventrelated geotargeted Adwords telling potential visitors that they can meet you there and where has worked for both clients and myself.

Paddy Moogan, Distilled

This may not be a popular answer but it’s the truth. In-house training and SEO evangelism sessions have worked very well for us on several projects. Mainly because a lot of staff at clients either do not see the value of SEO or do not understand it. So they often don’t feel like they can influence it and won’t happily get involved. We’ve often gone into companies and proved that everyone from the CEO to Interns can help with SEO. This work has brought some of the best results for our clients.

Peter Handley, The Media Flow

In my previous role, gaining access to Google News was a great way to drive traffic, and we would nearly always later observe uplift in conversion figures and traffic on branded terms as a result of gaining brand awareness at earlier stages in buying cycles. It’s clearly difficult to measure this accurately and effectively, but it was something that I observed in a number of campaigns where we were putting together regular and varied news content releases.

Paul Rogers, GPMD

I've had lots of success from building relationships with bloggers through holding events, offering people the chance to review products, asking for feedback, coordinating interviews, collaborating on posts and offering to help them out with content – and I'd always recommend this to other SEO's.

Barry Schwartz, Rusty Brick/ SMX

Every site has their problems, there is no single tip.

Richard Baxter, SEO Gadget

We rely heavily on conversion rate optimisation at the beginning of a relationship. Our purpose is to help our clients make more money from their websites – conversion rate optimisation is instantly measurable and the techniques from CRO can be applied to any website. The results, frequently delivering an uplift of 10% to 100% increases in sales easily justify the longer term, SEO and traffic acquisition activity we engage in over a longer term.

Adam Melson, SEER Interactive

Two things:

I want to know everything about the client. Most of that is revealed in a huge linking survey we send to them. I want to know every web property they own, guest post to, or know the person who has influence over the site. I want to know every software product they use. I want to know where everyone at the company, if possible, went to school. I want to know 40 more examples like that so I can find the most relevant linking opportunities that should span over a year.

The second part is simply being nice. This is a wild and strange technique. Some of the most influential links we've achieved for clients have come from sending a thank you note or fulfilling an item on a blogger wish list without asking for anything in return.

With so many people trying to make a buck, trying to get as much money as possible, building relationships and just being nice is a HUGE differentiator. It takes time, but it pays out well.

Shaun Anderson, Hobo-web

Go for as many relevant keywords as possible. Make sure you rate targeting the right keywords. It takes just as much effort sometimes to rank for keywords with search volume as it does to rank for those key terms with none. There's lots of profit is in that long tail.

Steve Lock, Analyticsseo (iseo)

It’s too difficult to pin it down to one, but there are a few things I have seen work really well this year so here are a few.

Examples have included guest blogging, testimonials, competitions, offline events, live blogging, creative approaches to outreach such as targeting journalist networks and, believe it or not, building links through building relationships WITHOUT ever asking for links.

Some of the hacking that took place this year with WordPress exploits and cross domain rel=”canonical” attacks combined with cloaking clearly did wonders for some of the black hat guys. Disclaimer: this is illegal and not recommended – it was just an observation!

Will Critchlow, Distilled

We're loving interactive infographics at the moment. They seem to be getting links not only for their creativity but also their novelty. I'm sure that'll wear off eventually and we'll be onto the next thing. Some examples:

Tom Critchlow, Distilled

Umm, links? 🙂 video content is working pretty well too.

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