Give us one tool you use you couldn't do without ? and why ?

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Dixon Jones, Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO. Because they pay me!

Grant Whiteside, Amber Green

Couldn’t do without the google keyword tool, at least it manages expectations. I like Analytics SEO as well because it puts things in perspective with clients competitors.

Paul Rogers, GPMD

I am a huge fan of Buzzstream (a link-building CRM tool) as it saves me and my team a lot of time on link prospecting and outreach projects. When I come across a good blog or website that I think would provide a valuable link or relationship for one of my clients, I can simply 'buzzmark' it and pull contact details, social information and various SEO-orientated metrics into the CRM system, which I can then review at a later stage.

Hamlet Batista

I do a lot of technical SEO work, so I couldn't do without Firebug.

Jane Copland, Ayima

Ayima built a huge toolset for internal use, but we do use external tools too. It’s often said that de-personalisation no longer works, but I really do love Redfly’s Google Global tool for a quick look at rankings in other markets:

Neil Walker, SEO Mad

Opensiteexplorer – To be honest I really like majestic SEO, but I like to present clients/prospects with an image of how they compare against competitors, I can quickly export a link profile from OSE but also I use the SERP overlay as a quick overview (among its other uses)ץ

Neil Pursey, Web Growth

Besides our own tool, Project SEO. We use Yoast's WordPress SEO plugin. We use WordPress a lot for our clients and have found Yoast's plugin the most robust to fit our needs. It's advanced setup, so we can noindex portion's of our website, it has an enhanced sitemap setup, the usage of canonicalisation and much more all make for a great wordpress plugin.

Nickolass Jensen

GA. As it feeds Analytics SEO. And it shows me how my Adwords are working into the small details and I can setup any report I want. If Analytics SEO would be able to feed from PIWIK or Woopra, then this would be great though.

Paddy Moogan, Distilled

In terms of something like link building, I couldn’t do without Buzzstream right now. Its made link building outreach so much more efficient for me over the last few years. We are using it more and more at Distilled and its helped massively in terms of staying organized when doing outreach across different people and teams.

Peter Handley, The Media Flow

Screaming Frog SEO Spider – makes review of core optimisation elements on a website considerably simpler than any other tool I’ve looked at for this. Through use of this data and some manipulated spreadsheets you can very swiftly evaluate and diagnose issues that can cause serious damage to a websites visibility, duplicate titles & descriptions, misuse of canonical tags – in a very simple way.

Barry Schwartz, Rusty Brick/ SMX

I don't use tools.

Richard Baxter, SEO Gadget

That's definitely SEOmoz's Open Site Explorer ( – it's really useful to take stock of a back link strategy and identify wins that can easily be turned into more effective SEM strategy.

Sam Crocker,

The tools I rely on most are actually our internal tools because the data is secure, they often do more of the specific tasks and provide more of the specific information in which I am interested, and ultimately I can feed directly into the roadmap.

Probably the next most valuable tools for me (aside from staff with a good understanding of the basics and a creative mind) would be Linkdex – for the amount of time it saves us in the pitch process and Screaming Frog or Xenu – for competitor intelligence and site audits.

I would probably say that Rich Baxter’s Keyword Tool (that checked volume and rankings for massive keyword lists) was probably the most valuable tool I’ve seen to date but unfortunately it is no longer available.

Adam Melson, SEER Interactive

Raven. It gives me plenty of red flags to help catch client issues before the client even knows about them. We're able to keep track of all linkbuilding efforts, ranking movements, traffic increases/decreases overlapping with rankings and helps us monitor competitors.

Shaun Anderson, Hobo-web

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is the tool I play about with most these days – as it's the simplest way for me as a Mac user to quickly audit sites of all sizes. Majestic SEO & Link Research Tools are great for benchmarking, analysing and gap analysis. Link Assistant Rank Tracker, Hide My Ass and Dropbox are essential to me these days……Excel is probably the tool I couldn't do without. IN fact – I wrote a post about this after thinking about it –

Steve Lock, Analyticsseo (iseo)

My primary tool would be Analytics SEO (although as Product Manager, so I am slightly biased!).

It does a great job of combining multiple data sources, helping with automation and has powerful reporting features. I would also argue it’s one of the best options, considering the licensing costs, as it competes with platforms that are as much as ten times more expensive. It’s the closest solution I have for system that does everything you need in one place.

Will Critchlow, Distilled

SEO tool: the SEOmoz toolkit. Unsurprisingly, given our close relationship with them, we use the app, the API and the toolbar pretty extensively. I can't imagine working without them.

Management tool: friction-free time tracking.

Tom Critchlow, Distilled

Would it be cheating here to say gmail? Alright – I’m guessing you mean SEO tool in which case I’d have to say SEOmoz. Their link analysis is so much easier to use than anything else on the market.

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