What are the sources you use/ read to get ideas and inspiration ?

seo reading list

Kevin Gibbons, SEOptimise

I actually try to look outside of SEO as much as possible, the echo chamber can make you miss the bigger picture. I tend to look to people like the elder statesmen of the advertising industry like Dave Trott for inspiration around creativity and avoiding the hype that surrounds a lot of digital. I also learn a lot from the world of Behavioural Economics as a lot of what we need to understand is how people think.

Hamlet Batista

Technical research papers.

Neil Walker, SEO Mad

There are so many to mention, for daily news things like SEJ, SEL, state of search, I post my own research on www.seomad.com but I look for key articles on holistic search, seo gadget and what people mention on twitter.

Neil Pursey, Web Growth

I read searchengineland.com, Google blogs and SEOmoz. If I read anymore I won't be able to get any work done…

Nickolass Jensen

To many to list. Books I have read: The Art of SEO, Web Analytics 2.0, Search engine optimization, Outsmarting Google, Building findable websites, Advanced Google Adwords, Guy Kawasakis Enchantment, Ries And Trout Markting Warfare, Brian Solis Engage, Charlene Shis Groundswell and Open leadership Ad more;-)

People I know in DK with great tips: Mikkel Demib Svendsen, Thomas Rosenstand Martin Thorborg, Jacob Kildebogaard, Morten Vadskjaer.

Other great people like Danny Sullivan, Jeremiah Owyang, Joost de Walk, Mats Cuts, Avinash Kaushik, The Widerfunnel blog, the Analyticsseo daily, Mashable, ReadandWriteweb, sitepronews.com, The SEOmoz top ten every month, Axandra newsletter (follows IBP account). To mention a few from the top of my head.

Peter Handley, The Media Flow

Inspiration comes from many places. I’m a member of a few groups and forums that have been great places where people are willing to open up much more about what is being effective. I think that State of Search has been putting out some really top notch content so far in 2011 – been really impressed with that websites development. My main “source” of ideas and inspiration comes from Twitter however, and the great quality content that is being put out there are shared across my network. The SEO community, despite all being in competition with one another are actually really supportive of one another, and if you are not engaged with this group, I’d suggest doing so – we’re a friendly bunch, and we like to talk!

Barry Schwartz, Rusty Brick/ SMX

I am biased, but read the SearchCap every day, I share the best stuff I find on search in the SearchCap. 🙂

Sam Crocker, samuelcrocker.com

I haven’t been reading SEO blogs quite as much as I used to because I don’t really feel like I’m learning that much anymore. I keep a very close eye on Twitter and when the right people (I mean people I truly trust, not “rockstars”) talk about things I sit up and take notice.

Other than that I keep a close eye on Google’s “Think Insights” property, the Google blogs and then generally watch the tech space. I find I learn a lot more from places like Hacker News and TechMeme than I generally do from an SEO or Search specific site.

As far as SEO/Search news is concerned I tend to keep an eye on Search Engine Land, Econsultancy and SEOmoz. However, I try to keep things in perspective and focus on what works for me and try to recreate the success of others if they’re talking about something new before rushing to the client with a new idea.

Shaun Anderson, Hobo-web

The SEO world can be like a massive pyramid scheme with lots of folk wanting to use or abuse you. I Like SEOBook, Search Engine Land and Search Engine Roundtable. I usually stay away from social media these days as with all the noise from others trying to sell you stuff, I find it hard to be creative sometimes – that is, it's a time suck. I do look at my twitter feed every day for 10 minutes – and between those, I usually pick up the days interesting news stories etc. I don't read that much news these days as most of it turns out to be irrelevant to my livelihood and happiness. If you know the basics of sep – your time is better spent trying to make an affiliate site rank – or automating things with Excel. I gave up blogging and social media for a few months and have built a 1000 page comparison site in the time I had. I will be doing more of that in 2012 – building stuff, that is.

Steve Lock, Analyticsseo (iseo)

It’s impossible not to mention SEOmoz and Search Engine Land as key sources, as well as Distilled, SEER Interactive, SEO Gadget, GPMD, John Doherty, Justin Briggs, Site Visibility, Explicitly.me, SEOptimise, SEO by the Sea, Michael Grey, Yoast, Jane Copland, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal, Hobo SEO – and we promise to also make the Analytics SEO blog awesome in 2012!

Paul Rogers, GPMD

I read lots of industry blogs such as Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, Search Engine People, SEO By The Sea, Blogstorm, The SEOptimise Blog, SEOmoz & YOUmoz, The Distilled Blog, SEOGadget and many more.

I try to speak to other SEO's and discuss potential ideas, often others will have experience in doing things that I am new to. I also try to find examples of other projects that have been done by others in the past, and then try to calculate the results they achieved.

Will Critchlow, Distilled

My "don't miss" industry feeds include SEOmoz, SEOgadget, and the SEER interactive guys.

Tom Critchlow, Distilled

A few sites that inspire me:


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