What are the differences between a mobile SEO/ SEM campaign to a regular SEO/ SEM campaign ? What are the things you'll do specifically in a campaign for mobile devices ?

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Jane Copland, Ayima

For on-page SEO, there is so much less need to provide different pages for mobile than ever before. Use HTML5 and you can specify styles sheets for all major devices. This makes an SEO’s job a lot easier when it comes to mobile (but might not be so popular with folks who’ve defined themselves as mobile-specific SEOs). Off page, requirements will keep changing with how Local is structured, but everyone’s on-page life just got a lot tidier.

Barry Schwartz, Rusty Brick/ SMX

I can talk for hours on this topic. I am a strong believer of having a single URL for both mobile and desktop users. Show the same URL, same title tag, same content for the same page but only thing you should change is the design via a style sheet. I go into this in detail at https://www.seroundtable.com/single-url-mobile-seo-13521.html

Will Critchlow, Distilled

I have a theory that "mobile" should not be thought of as a device, but rather as a location / state of mind. With the increasing quality of displays and functionality on smartphones etc, I see little difference in browsing on my phone or laptop to look for a local taxi number while sat in a Starbucks. In both cases, I have the same intention and in both cases am probably on a relatively slow mobile connection. Equally, I see little difference in browsing Amazon on a laptop or iPad sat at home on the sofa – I'm equally likely to buy from either device…

So I'm starting to evangelise less of a focus on technology and more on keywords, persona and intent. Making sure that you have the right information exposed in the right ways for the various different modes of searching is the future of mobile IMO.

Neil Pursey, Web Growth

We've done research into the South African news websites search results 2 years ago and again 3 months ago. We haven't seen much difference (maybe 5% variance) in search results of mobile and regular. We've always ensured that content is rich on both websites and that somewhere near the footer is a link between both websites, so at least some link juice can get passed over.
Generally speaking, if the main website ranks well then the mobile site will also. This obviously doesn't happen everytime though. We've seen a flash website rank no where but their html mobile website ranks really well for highly competitive keywords.

Kevin Gibbons, SEOptimise

I think what is required for Mobile SEO is still shaking out. My preference is for the search engines to reward and encourage responsive web design. This would be much easier in the long run than having mobile versions of sites, will cause similar kinds of issues that dog international SEO projects.

Nickolass Jensen

I do not do mobile optimization enough to provide a good answer. But landing page optimization for mobile would be key. Never make a mobile Campaign without creating landingpages especially designed for mobile users and situations. Adding phone numbers and ability to call directly from ad would in some cases be relevant. It depends on what the purpose of the ads are.

Steve Lock, Analyticsseo (iseo)

I would recommend a dedicated sub-domain for mobile sites with a mobile sitemap and a focus on the same SEO foundations and optimisation that relate to standard SEO campaigns. HTML5 considerations are becoming increasingly important and I think HTML5 in general is the key to a perfect balance of design, user experience and SEO.

Paul Rogers, GPMD

I think that mobile is hugely important at the moment, especially within industries like food service and travel. I think that responsive design is looking really good at the moment, more so than having a separate mobile website or an app. The main benefit of designing and building a website in this way is that you have one version of your site, and the appearance and functionality simply adapts to the screen size of the device you're using.

I have also heard that mobile searchers are far more likely to convert and act early, meaning that the top positions are likely to be more valuable and the others will get less click-throughs.

Neil Walker, SEO Mad

SEO wise we are look at website coding in more detail and site speed but also mobile call to actions, for SEM we create separate campaigns for mobile and specific offers based on phone carrier.

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